Our team

AVEY GROUP, with offices and staff both in Spain (Barcelona) and Jakarta (Indonesia), is the door to exporting exclusive and high quality Gourmet products.
Since specialist in Food and Beverages, AVEY groups the best Gourmet products companies in Spain, making up the biggest and most powerful group in terms of range of products, quality and resources when exporting to SOUTHEAST ASIA.
In AVEY GROUP a dedicated team of experienced specialists in export, which not only are knowledgeable about ASEAN market but also speak some of the local languages, manages the export process and sets up commercial networks in these Countries. Furthermore, our team is formed by professionals in marketing, communication, and social networks, so actions can be easily adapted to any product and Country given.
At the moment, AVEY products can be found in several renowned points of sales in these Countries, which are characterized by an emerging economy and a growing population. Moreover, we have our own distribution center in Jakarta which allows us to expand our activity into the main Countries of ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc).
Thanks to our professional service and our years of experience, AVEY offers our clients and manufactures a quick, effective, successful and durable implementation as a “Turn-key Project”. AVEY takes care of every aspect of the process: sales, registration, paperwork, distribution and promotion of your products.
Additionally, AVEY is committed to social responsibility in the Countries it works with, through supporting local populations and improving their welfare.

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