Asean Economic Community

Southeast Asia represents the 8,8% of the world´s population, with about 600millions inhabitants. It is one of the few regions that over the past 5 years has had a steady and continued growth rate of more than 6% and it is supposed to maintain such rate until 2018, as per OCDE forecast.
Those are the main reasons why AVEY GROUP is strengthening its presence in the zone by setting up our operational centre in Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the fourth in Asia (only surpassed by China, India and South Korea). Furthermore, the Indonesian Archipelago is the world´s fourth most populous Country, with 247.5 million people.
The economic growth during the last years along with the consumption and investment dynamism has resulted in:
  • an important improvement in terms of per capita income,
  • an increment of the emerging middle class of about 9no million people per year
  • a reduction of the poverty
  • an increase in the domestic consumption
  • an expansion of the sales of food products, both in the commercial distribution and restoration.
According to World Bank 2010 data, Indonesia has 131 million middle class people. The aforesaid increase in Private Consumption and Emerging middle class is changing Indonesian purchasing habits with a growing presence of Western products.
Although Food and Beverage sector is protected, it presents great opportunities for the Spanish F&B industry. The greatest opportunities are found in processed products and beverages since Spanish presence is still very little with regard to others Countries imports.

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